No! You’re Not Good!

I’m not impressed with the CDCs response....lack of response... to the Hepatitis-C virus. And yet, in the spirit of giving honor where honor is due. The above poster, provided by the CDC has literally saved 3 lives that I personally know of. We hear this all the time when we are testing. “I’m Good” We don’t allow that to be the final word from our clients. We explain that most people with Hep-C had no apparent symptoms and thought they too were ALL GOOD. Until they got tested and found out they weren’t. 

I get it. Who among us is eager to run to the table where Free Testing for a communicable disease is taking place? Isn’t that the one you get through sex with strangers?  A disease that is associated with all kinds of questionable behaviors.

Never heard at the HepFree Hep-C Testing? “Shoot yeah, sign me up!” Or "Hep-C testing? Yes please! You should have seen me in the 60’s."   Nope. I have met very few people who ever believe they may be infected, or are willing to admit they may have engaged in risky behavior. Understood. Some things are better left unsaid, even some decades better left....just left behind....

Hepatitis-C may never be cool, trendy or fun, but it could prolong our lives enough to experience a cool, trendy and fun life.

No I’m All Good” I have heard (and cringed at) these exact words several times over the last couple years as we’ve offered Free Hepatitis-C testing. The expression on the poster is spot on as well. Hands up to emphasize.... Are you kidding? Me? Unclean? No Im good? A chuckle and step backward for emphasis is not out of the question.

Well, here’s the truth. You haven’t been vaccinated for Hep-C. Your Dr. likely didn’t just test you for that. It doesn’t matter how safe your sex is. I don’t care if you don’t have any symptoms. You aren’t invisible.

I would imagine most people who died of people who died of Hepatitis-C said “No I’m All Good”.  

So do you have a finger preference?