One of the issues that I keeping coming up against is when people with Hepatitis C approach their G.P. or specialist doctor with the idea of getting generic Hep C medication and the doctor responds to the idea with a negative reaction. Sometimes the doctor will refuse to monitor the treatment; sometimes the doctor says that the medicines will be fake or even toxic. Sometimes the doctor even gets angry and ridicules the patient.

Now people choosing generics to treat Hep C are always doing so because they cannot afford to buy the brand versions of Harvoni or Epclusa. In other words there are no other options for them except to get sicker and sicker.
So the big question is why do these doctors get so negative?

Personally I think it is an ego thing… or fear of the unknown; perhaps even some kind of racist notion that Indian pharmaceutical manufacturers are not capable of making medicines.
So some people a persuaded by their doctors and they wait for something in the future that might improve their access to treatment and some people take control of their life and health and go it alone and buy the generic Hep C meds and get cured.

Below is an email conversation thread that extends over a 12 month period, beginning in the middle of 2016 and ending last week.
This man, who had had Hepatitis C for 17 years, took control of his own health against the advice of his specialist doctor and did the 12 weeks treatment on this own, getting his tests from “walk-in” labs, which are common in the USA.
Now he is cured.
I hope you enjoy the conversation.

Hi Greg,

I have saved up the money and I am ready to proceed.
Not having done this before, please let me know what I need to provide for you, and I will do so immediately.

My HEP C Virus RNA HPA Count is 3120000
HCV RNA, ser/plas, PCR is 5.49 LOG/mL
Do you need other info?

Thank you for your help!!


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