Over the past 9 months I have assisted several thousand people with Hepatitis C access treatment through generic medicines.
Of those more than 50% have accessed generic Harvoni from India or Australia. This is because Hepatitis C genotype 1 is best treated with the combination of Sofosbuvir + Ledipasvir and in most European and other Western countries genotype 1 is by far the most common form of Hep C.
After genotype 1 the next most common genotype of Hep C is genotype 3.
Genotype 3 is about 25% in the above countries but higher in Asian countries. Genotype 3 is usually treated with Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir.

I am talking about this because of the very many people I know and keep in contact with who have undertaken generic Hep C treatment there are only four that I know of who have relapsed and all of these people have had genotype 3 and only did 12 weeks treatment.
Towards the ned of last year I noticed that people with G3 were contacting me and asking for an extra 12 weeks treatment and telling me that their specialist was wanting them to do 24 weeks instead of 12 weeks.
So now I understand why.
It seems that Hep C G3 is a hard beast to clear and so if your doctor suggest that you might need more than 12 weeks treatment please listen to that advice. I have had to talk to four people who finished 12 weeks’ treatment and thought that they were clear only to relapse. Everyone who has done 24 weeks (that I know of) has remained clear.
Please note that this only applies to Hep C Genotype 3... it is the only genotype I have seen people relapse from.
Of course there will be relapses in all genotypes but I have not personally heard of them.

Please remember that I am not a doctor and this blog is not intended to offer medical advice. I am simply reporting and sharing my experiences with Hepatitis C.