A large part of my day is spent answering emails from people who are trying to find a reliable supplier of generic Hepatitis C medication.

Often, for good reason, these people are sceptical when I offer them medication at approximately 100th the normal retail price.

From the first email to the last I personally communicate with everyone who contacts me and support them through the various phases of their treatment experience.

There are many phases.

Some people write to me once or twice and then I never hear from them.

Other people get their treatment and our communication spans the 12 weeks of treatment and beyond.

I thought it would be interesting for people considering doing generic Hep C treatment to follow one of these conversation threads from beginning to end.

From initial sceptical enquiry, through waiting for delivery, through treatment and beyond.

This email thread from a guy in the USA covers just about every aspect of the generic hepatitis C treatment experience. I hope you will find it interesting and helpful.

The First Email
From: M
Sent: Tuesday, 12 June 2018 1:28 AM
To: gregjefferys@outlook.com
Subject: HEP C Treatment

Dear Greg,

If your website is genuine, and I truly hope it is, and if so then I say an immense Thank You in advance.

Unfortunately I cannot afford treatment in the USA. However, I can afford to travel somewhere else.

Central America would be the closest as I live here now, and I see you’ve listed Honduras as a possible site to obtain medications.

I would appreciate any info you have and/or direct me to a contact anywhere in Central America.

If not that than I have to look at flying to Thailand and if you know of a good clinic there or Doctor, that would be appreciated if there’s nothing in Central America.



To read this fascinating exchange of emails and find out if M is cured, click hereGreg’s blog is reprinted with permission, and the opinions expressed are entirely his.