27th July 2015
Hacked Again
I have a funny feeling that my email account was hacked last night. If you get any emails from a Chinese company offering Hep C medication in concentrated form (APIs) could you please let me know. I would be very disappointed if this has happened as I was hoping to find an ethical company who could supply generic Hep C medicine at a fair price but if they have hacked my email address book then that is just a reminder that when it comes to $$$ it is difficult to find ethical people or companies. Sad but true! I hope this has not happened but a couple of people have received these emails and it seems a weird co-incidence.
Not Hacked Again
Perhaps I am getting paranoid? Perhaps it’s the Ribavirin? (nice having something to blame).
So I was not hacked... Here’s the story: 
I have been emailing a doctor in the USA over the last month and today he forwarded me a copy of an email from Mesochem quoting prices for sofosbuvir and daclatasvir concentrates. He wanted to know what I thought of the email. I was astounded because I thought he had received an unsolicited email however it turns out that he had actually contacted them asking for information, he just did not mention that in the email. So I jumped to the conclusion that my email address book had been hacked!!! Whoops...silly me.
A storm in a teacup? I could understand that some readers might think:“Looks like Greg is losing his marbles.”
In my defense the Chinese do have a bit of a record for industrial espionage via computer hacking. Well they didn’t and it wasn’t and I am pleased about that. So sorry if I went off half cock.