Here is a fantastic YouTube story from Jonathan Nakamoto in the USA who treated and cured his hepatitis C with generic Harvoni from India in 2016.

Jonathan contracted hep C from a blood transfusion back when he was a baby. He found out that he was infected with hep C in 2008 and was put on interferon treatment, which nearly killed him.

In 2014 Jonathan’s doctor gave him about 6 years to live if he did not cure his hep C but, like so many in the USA with hepatitis C, Jonathan discovered that his insurance would not cover the $94,000 cost of Harvoni.

So, after some research, Jonathan contacted me to help him get generic Harvoni from India.

Please do take the time to listen to Jonathan’s story, which is the story of so many people around the world battling the twin evils of hepatitis C and the greed of Big Pharma.

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