24th November
Whilst the delay in the release of generic Indian Harvoni continues to frustrate everyone the crazy (but typically Indian) situation exists where Hepcinat-LP, made in India is approved for sale, and is selling, in Nepal.
Because if this weird situation my friends in India hunted around and have found a Nepalese Medicines broker who has agreed to deliver Gilead licensed Hepcinat LP (generic Harvoni) from Nepal to Delhi from where it can be shipped. This process is legal but it adds to the costs and make the end product more expensive than we would like. 
The cost works out to AUD $2600 (US$1,875) for 03 months  course of therapy (84 tablets) including documentation and DHL freight. My friends in India will be able to ship these meds because they are manufactured in India.
I know it is stupid but these meds have been released in Nepal but not in India so even though they are made in India they can only be purchased in Nepal then have to be shipped back to India!!!!
I thought to share this with you to make you aware that it is now possible for me to arrange to send you generic Harvoni.
I do wish to stress that I do not make a penny from this but make it available to you if you do not wish to wait for the release of generic Harvoni in India.
And I finish with another lovely positive email received last night:
Hi Greg,
A quick update on my treatment so far. ALT and AST were around 350- 400. After just two weeks they are both nearly back in normal range. Viral load went from 1,000,000 IU/ml to under 50 IU/ml at 2 weeks. Great response so far! I am approaching week 4 now and re testing  this week.
I am feeling so much better, it is quite unbelievable. I didn’t realize how bad I was really feeling! I have had no side effects that I can say of from the Sof and Dac. Life has continued as always.
I am so happy I decided to contact you. Thank you so much. Thanks to India and generic drugs. I am hoping for a cure and feel so positive with the results I have had so far, time will tell as to how I go.
Kind Regards