16th September 2015
Possible Significant Delay In Release of Generic Harvoni From India
This announcement was posted yesterday from one of my Hep C activist friends in Asia, he has very close connections in India. It is disturbing news and shows just how much reach and influence Big Pharma has across the world, across borders and into government structures.
As I have been repeatedly saying, if you can do treatment now with generics then DO IT NOW. These doorways to generic treatments may close at anytime.
An expert committee in India associated with drug regulators have asked for clinical trials to be conducted by the Indian producers of generic Harvoni and generic daclatasvir. This can substantially delay the entry of these two drugs in India. Treatment advocates are working on areas to do away with these trials so that approval would be granted just as it was granted for generic sofosbuvir. It’s possible but uncertain that we will succeed but also possible that the release of generic Harvoni in India will be significantly delayed. This is for the information of all who are waiting for generic Harvoni and daclatasvir to be released in India.