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Fighting Hepatitis C: In the Midst of the Storm

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David D.

Hi, Just started my treatment for hep c. I am 1a and have a regimen of suvaldi, ribaviran + peginterferon alfa-2a. Started last Friday at 4:00PM. Took the shot, the pills and said a prayer for healing this body. I felt fine until waking up around 1:00AM with a high fever and chills. This went on for several hours and was the most difficult part of the treatment. But hey I can do this for eleven more weeks, Right? So I've taken the pills all week and tomorrow back to the is thursday and am starting to feel a little better. So it has been a slow progression I think of wearing off the interferon. So I will check back in next week and let you know how week two went. Happy Hep C booga killin

April 24, 2014


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