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Fermented Cabbage for Varices and Liver Health

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Karen Hoyt

I wonder about your method of making it. I read quite a bit online to research your question. From what I can understand, there is a low alcohol content in kvass. It sounds delicious, but I will probably not be able to try it due to the fact that I just got a transplant. For those with advanced liver disease, it is probably not a good idea, especially if Hepatitis C is present. Thanks! Karen xo

December 4, 2015


Does any one know if kvass has any alcohol content? I have hep c and have been making kvass for sometime now. Thanks

December 1, 2015

Karen Hoyt

Kat, This is too cool. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply. I DID get some beets that were low in sodium. Your comment made my mouth water! haha. Yes, I'm getting brave and throwing more veggies in as I go. I actually ran out and haven't made more. I want to try the beet kvass though! Thanks for your comment. It's great to hear that you're eating a healthy liver loving diet that is high in friendly probiotics! xo Karen:)

April 1, 2015


Great post! I just made beet kvass today. Awesome fermented juice for the liver! I've also made the fermented cabbage and fermented bell peppers and fermented green beans. This was my first season. I didn't want to can stuff from the garden, so fermented was my choice. I am still enjoying some of it. The bell peppers were great in salsa, they added some zing like adding lime juice, as the ferment is slightly acidic.

March 3, 2015


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