Many think of autumn as the ending of summer. I think fall is a time for beginnings. We all enjoy the crisp cool air and deep blue sky; the sun signaling the days to become shorter. And who doesn’t love sweater weather? Pumpkin spices, tea and coffee, apple cider and soup on the stove top all bring great memories to my mind and senses.

It’s a time when the seeds begin to plant deep into the earth and get ready for a long winter of transformation. Then in the spring, those same dead seeds will be the beginning of new life.

Along those lines, my husband has enjoyed the writings, and the fly fishing lifestyle, of Joe Humphreys, a man who fished The Little Red and the Heber Springs, Arkansas area. It’s where hubby spent many childhood days camping, boating, and fishing, and his family still have summer homes there. This man is in what some would call the Winter of his life, but he lives each day as though life had just begun.

A new documentary titled, “Live the Stream: The Story of Joe Humphreys” was released last year. It’s an inspirational movie about a man who is still quite active, and teaching, in his early 90s. His zeal for life is energizing. We watch very few movies, and this is one that I highly recommend.

Always Beginning

Since 2010, when my liver moved to decompensation and I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, I fought to live another day. Through HCC liver cancer, I continued this website and spread out into advocacy work. After my liver transplant, being best friends with liver disease patients continues to be a huge part of my life. In reality, I’m a teacher, and enjoy learning and being in relationships with other learners, on many different subjects. 

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