Today is the last day of Hepatitis Awareness Month. However, hepatitis C is still going to be here tomorrow when the awareness campaign is over. Keep the momentum going. Sign up for action alerts so you know what is going on. Make the occasional call, send a fax or email to your elected officials--local, state or federal. Silence is apathy. Let them know you care about hepatitis C, and you expect them to care too. An office visit or speaking at public hearings has an even bigger impact. You can sign up for action alerts from NVHR and Caring Ambassadors.

You can also sign up for GovDelivery email updates from CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis. Sent out about once a month, these emails notify subscribers about new viral hepatitis publications, recommendations, new materials or significant events. 

On a personal note, I want to thank everyone who participated in Hepatitis Awareness Month. A special thank you to the CDC for making the best campaign so far.