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Epclusa: The Newest Hepatitis C Treatment

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Lucinda Porter

There are no hard and fast recommendations, so calculated a worse case scenario of how long it would take Epclusa to leave your body. I used the data for the longest component, which is sofosbuvir's metabolite, and came up with 6 days. Hope this helps.

December 3, 2017


I just finished my HepC treatment with Epclusa. No other meds taken for treatment and I was wondering; how long I should wait to resume breastfeeding? I have been "pump & dumping" the 12 weeks and did not know if there were any more risks. I have had negative tests since the first month. Grateful and hope many more will have access to this treatment!

December 3, 2017


I have been on Epclusa for 1 week now. Only side effects are a headache and tiredness. Hope it works.

August 15, 2017

Lucinda Porter

Three suggestions: Contact the Hep C Careline - 1-800-532-5274. Join the Hep Forum Call Help4Hep and ask them for assistance: 877 Help 4 Hep (877 435 7443).

July 1, 2016


My Doc told me that Gilead does NOT offer patient assistance programs. I called them myself and they said they do not offer any patient assistance.

June 29, 2016 Left Coast


For 5 months I have been trying to start treatment for hepatitis c, genotype b. Denied, denied,denied. Afraid to take ribavirin secondary to the black box for depression. Already depressed and on treatment. Solvadi rejected wrong genotype. My insurance actually told him they will not cover genotype b. Is that not illegal?? Plan to look to gilead for help. Epclusa covers all genotypes. Very tired, platelets down, brushing......

June 29, 2016 Chicago


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