I think somebody broke into my house and stole my paperwork. I need it tomorrow for my liver tests, an MRI and some bone scans. This paperwork tells me where to be and at what time. It’s one of those full days, you know where the sun comes up after you get there and sets before you leave. I am certain that there will be no eating before liver tests for at least 4 hours - mainly because of the MRI. But I need to go check my paperwork to see what others scans I will be fasting for.

The details of my day are in the schedule. We all have to fast before an EGD and banding. Once we are on a transplant list, we have to fast before certain bone scans and CAT scans. Plus I wanna to see if the tumor is contained and make sure nothing has spread into other parts of me. So I’ve been eating on overtime all day just getting ready for the no eating tomorrow. The stick-to-your-ribs kind of food like oatmeal and nachos. Then I set the alarm and have a protein shake at 3 AM. I wonder what time I will be able to eat tomorrow? Oh yeah, it’s on that paper and somebody took it.

A few days ago the burglars took my purse and moved it. I know this is true because I’d put it in the kitchen when I walked in the door on Wednesday. It’s what I always do. Purse on the bar stool and then run toward the bathroom. (I drink a lot of water) I didn’t leave the house again for a few days. I remembered seeing it in the living room at some point after that. So when I got ready to leave on Saturday, I went to the kitchen to look for my purse. Just out of habit. Then I remembered that I had seen it in the living room so I went in there. It was in neither place!

I had just texted Marie that I was on my way to pick up my produce bag. Marie has a big chemical free vegetable farm. She has a gate and keeps it unlocked from 9 til noon on Saturdays, but because I was late - she had to open the gate for me. I was looking forward to trying a new acorn squash soup recipe this week. Except I couldn’t find my purse.

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