Since generic Hepatitis C drugs became available in 2015 there has been ongoing resistance to the use of generic Hepatitis C treatment from many doctors around the world. This despite the fact that numerous studies proving that treatment with generic DAAs gives exactly the same cure rates for Hep C as the obscenely expensive brand versions like Harvoni.

Of course Big Pharma has had a lot to do with this. Their representatives spread rumors and lies about Indian generics in order to try to stop needy people accessing affordable Hep C treatment.
Fear is the foundation of Big Pharma’s campaign against generic Hep C treatment.
A lot of specialist Gastroenterologists also get financial inducements from drug companies to steer people away from generic treatment.

Every day I get lots of emails from people who have been cured of their Hep C through generics. I thought to share this one today from the USA.

Hi Greg,
I just got a call from my doc. After 3 months of the generic Harvoni and Ribavarin, the genotype 1a is gone.
This happened despite my decompensated liver.
In fact I was online recently and found the results of a study that said genotype 1a in patients with decompensated livers had a 95% cure rate after 12 weeks of Harvoni / Ribavarin treatment. The 12 weeks were rather hard on me but it’s all right because the damned Hep C bug is gone.
Now I can heal the liver.
I have been reading your posts about how badly people with HCV are treated by the U.S. healthcare system. Since I have come out I have found that the bug is common around here. Many drug addicts have it and continue to use drugs. Many people know they have it but don’t know what genotype they have. Many don’t have insurance or the insurance will not pay for treatment.
Mistrust of generics is common.
Access to affordable treatment is only part of the problem. Without good drug treatment programs and needle exchange programs the virus will continue to spread. Now that I have cleared the virus I intend to get active. I am living proof that generic drugs work.
Things need to change around here and I will work to bring that about.
Today I will call everyone who said they wouldn’t take generics from India and give them the news. The drugs worked!!! I will meet with my doc on Monday and see if I can get that clinic to do more to promote generics, they all ready support medical tourism.
Things will change!

Of course in the USA there are two big problems, one is doctors not supporting patients who wish to get generic treatment and then there are insurance companies that refuse to pay for treatment with “brands” like Harvoni. If health insurance people had any sense they would be steering their patients to generics and thereby saving themselves a fortune and also putting pressure on Gilead and the rest to bring their prices down.

Example in this email I got today:

Hi Greg,
We just got a letter from my insurance company denying any coverage of Harvoni!
What a surprise......NOT!!
They said it’s not on their covered drugs from their formulary. What’s ironic about this is that I called their customer service and got a quote from one of their reps about how much they would cover! (And it is on their list I saw it myself!) They’re so messed up here! I am at this moment so angry, and relieved because I think about what this moment would have felt like if I hadn’t found you, and I am so grateful for that. They always send letters like this on Friday late after hours so you can’t do a darn thing about it!! Hope your having a great day, you have certainly made mine!!
So a person in the USA has Hepatitis C, has Health Insurance, the health insurance company refuses to cover their $80,000 treatment with Harvoni. Their doctor refuses to support them in their treatment with generic Harvoni.... Something is seriously wrong with the US medical system