I received the email below today, which is a great contrast to my most recent post about so many doctors having antagonistic attitudes to patients wanting to follow their generic Hepatitis C treatment.

Here is how it should be with a caring doctor:
The doctor learns that their patient has Hepatitis C but cannot afford cost of Gilead’s brand medicines so doctor suggests generic treatment and writes appropriate prescription. Doctor monitors patient through treatment until cured.
It’s just that simple. The doctor helps patient get well… it is, after all, what doctors are meant to do.
Thank God there are still a lot of good doctors out there.

Message Body:

Dear Greg
Hello , first of all thank you so much for the work you do . I got your name from my medical doctor T###### here in the United States. I have a prescription from him and full instructions on sending you the document files containing my RX and ID as well as shipping details. I would like to Send that PDF file and make the money transfer but need your email to do so . Again thank you so much for your work.
with thanks


To receive such a simple and straight forward email is really very heartening for me. To know that there are informed doctors who are not bluffed by Big Pharma, who care about the health outcomes of their patients more than their wallets is very, very uplifting and gives me hope.