Learning some simple tips to help you discern online information can keep you safe and help you make proactive choices.

How Can I Tell If Info Is Medically Safe?

There are several ways to tell if online information is medically safe and credible.

  • The website and/or articles should list medical resources and references.
  • Look for a list of credible medical organizations they associate with and link to.
  • Look for medical clinical FDA approved trials, research, or treatment. False claims without clinical trial evidence are a red flag.
  • Look for a medical review statement, or other medical references stating if the article, treatment, or supplement was medically approved by the FDA and the date.
  • If the article, treatment, or supplement is not FDA approved, it should state this fact, and/or state to ask your physician before taking anything.
  • Beware if they state the treatment or supplement will cure hepatitis C without medical information on specific liver condition, genotype, medical conditions, etc.
  • If the website, organization, or person, want you to send or give them money directly for treatment, supplement, or service, beware.
  • Look for the website or organization’s policy statement, but still, be discerning if they make medical claims but do not show credible medical references.
  • Look for a variety of services or information available on their website for hepatitis C, and liver disease.

Facts About Hepatitis C Treatment

  • Only medical FDA approved treatment with clinical-based evidence has a high cure for hepatitis C. Herbs, supplements and special diets do not cure hepatitis C.
  • In the United States, you cannot purchase hepatitis C treatment outright. You must have a prescription from a medical doctor whom you see (who is licensed to practice medicine in the United States).
  • To assure you are getting credible medical treatment, you need to obtain your treatment with your doctor’s prescription from a licensed pharmacy or specialized pharmacy in the United States. This assures the treatment medication is legal and contains the exact ingredients and amount required.
  • All credible medical treatment for hepatitis C and liver disease require you to be monitored by a licensed physician while you are in treatment and recovery.
  • There are patient assistance programs you can apply for help with treatment if you do not have medical insurance or if you cannot afford your insurance co-pay.

In Summary

Make sure to follow discerning rules before assuming the organization, or article is fact and credible. Your health and safety are worth it!

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This entry was originally published on Life Beyond Hepatitis C, and is reprinted with permission.