After being told many times by his former liver specialist Dr. Curtis Cooper at the Ottawa General Hospital that he would not put Nicholson on another treatment for 3-4 years because his first treatment in 09/10 failed, Nicholson travels to Phoenix, AZ to visit the world famous Mayo Clinic at the advice of former WWE Champion “Superstar” Billy Graham who had his liver transplant there.

Nicholson also visits with Dr. Hector Rodriguez, “Superstar” Billy Graham’s own Hepatitis C specialist and one of the leading Hep C doctors in the world.  Dr. Rodriguez informs Nicholson that there is indeed treatment options he can take.  He says if Devon can’t find a specialist in Canada that will treat him there is a possibility that he could be accepted into a Hep C treatment regimen at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix.  He gives Nicholson a list of tests to be done in Canada to see what stage his Hep C is at.