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Dental Care Is a No-Brainer

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Interested party

Em, any bleeding in your gums is bad news your suggestion its OK is completely unfounded and I am shocked you think bleeding is normal! Anyone with bleeding gums needs to talk to their dentist to find out the cause of the bleeding.

February 13, 2016 UK

Paul Thompson

Thank you so much for giving me important information and tips, and I really think that toothpaste is the key for a healthy teeth. The Benefits of Using Toothpaste 02/03/2010 | Posted by Oral Hygiene The Benefits of Using Toothpaste Using toothpaste—and more specifically a fluoride toothpaste—when brushing is considered a first and primary step to good oral hygiene. And the reasons for doing so are clear and quite basic; removing dental bacterial plaque is significantly easier due to the antibacterial ingredients and abrasives contained in most toothpastes.

December 11, 2014


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