Often people delay treating their Hep C. They delay Hep C treatment for lots of different reasons.

Sometimes they want to try to cure their Hep C with herbal treatments or vitamins or diet. I tried that, I know lots of people who tried that…no-one succeeded.

Some worry about side effects from the Hep C treatment, but the side effects of having Hepatitis C are much worse than any side effects from Hep C treatment.

Sometimes it is a shortage of money, but if you die because you did not spend a few hundred dollars there is no sense in that!

Sometimes they just think that there is no urgency…they have had Hep C for ten years or 20 years so another year or two will not matter.


The fact is that one percent of all people infected by Hepatitis C will die from its effects each year. Some of those will have had Hep C 20 or 30 years and some will have had it five or ten years. The thing is you never know and you don’t get much warning either.

I was fit and healthy as an ox for 40 years with Hep C and then one day I went down so fast and so suddenly that it looked like I would die. Obviously I didn’t but let me tell you my doctors thought I had liver cancer and were pretty sure I

The longer you wait to begin treatment, the longer the virus has to cause life-threatening damage to your liver. Without treatment, a person with hepatitis C-related liver damage, such as liver scarring, is very likely to die from liver cancer, liver failure, or other related causes.

Greg’s blog is reprinted with permission, and the views are entirely his.