I spend a lot of time talking with people who live with chronic health issues. Fear and feeling a loss of control are recurring themes for many. There are other things that surface, but those two come up most frequently.

Fear. Yea, I know that feeling. When I was in a decade long battle with hepatitis C and a liver transplant, fear was like the devil whispering in my ear, trying his best to keep me shaking. “Hey pal, you know your chances of getting through all of this are not very high. And, you look like shit. Bloated, weak, can’t sleep. All bad. Good luck, but…”

When fear comes and sets up camp in our minds or hearts, it can block us from joy and appreciation for what have; it can knock down all hope for health.

What can you do about it?  We can’t save ourselves from fear by seeking safety, because safety always means there’s something to be safe from—in other words something to fear.

We can’t live through and past fear by seeking safety, or by ignoring fear. It will resurface magnified. However, we can recognize it, face it, acknowledge it, and grab it by the throat and fight it. Fear is there. How can it not be? But, you can put it in the back seat, not let it ride shotgun. Don’t let it rule.  Then, we can have a working relationship with our fear. Be honest with yourself. Face the fear head on. We can be alpha dog in this relationship, where fear is still present, but marginalized, weakened, allowing us to do the work of healing.

Feeling a loss of control is insidious and connected to fear. “Why me?” and, “I feel like I have no power, no control to stop what’s happening.” “I’ve lost hope that change is possible.”  

I understand that response. I had it once myself. But, change is possible. I’ve lived it, and know others have found that truth themselves. People with chronic health issues, such as my liver problems, just asserted control over their lives with determination, courage and yes, hope. They did this even faced with dire possibilities.  Little things matter and they add up as we insert more strategies that make us healthier, both inwardly and physically.

If you are experiencing fear of what is, or might happen, or a feeling of a loss of control, I invite you to my upcoming webinar, where I’ll be addressing these things in more depth. You will also learn the importance of Attitude to help your healing. You will learn manageable lifestyle changes that will help you recover your health and strategies that will help you heal your physical body. I will share practices that can work for you from the inside out.

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Don’t listen to that devil whispering you away from hope and draping you with fear. Join me on October 20 at 2:00 EST. Remember…

Anything is Possible.

From Health Coach Matt Starr

Health and Life Coach, CPCC