The following excerpt first appeared on Matt Starr’s blog, February 26, 2015.  
I have written and spoken a lot about the role that positive thinking and positive attitude have on our health and general well being, and how it helps us heal. I am reading and hearing more about how this approach is toxic and nonsense. Here are some adjusted excerpts from one of my entries.
"Nurturing the quality of an enthusiastic attitude for healing applies to Hepatitis C (in my case), all serious illnesses, and the range of negative life events that can turn our expectations and hopes upside down. It takes more than positive enthusiasm though.
Address the loss of control. Step into the roots of deep fear. Look deep in your heart and see if your fear can teach you anything.
Recognize the power of the mind to affect healing. Allow the mind to align with the physical body and spirit. These are all parts of positive thinking, an important aspect of healing from within.
Without my personal focus on holistic healing, energy work, the spiritual practices of yoga and meditation, exploring my oudoor and family passions, and doing it all with an enthusiastic attitude (most of the time) I believe I would not be nearly so well right now.
Deepak Chopra, MD, a former endocrinologist and current advocate for Mind Body medicine is known for his healing and spiritual work. He writes  about this practice and the “radical shift that takes place inside, allowing the patient to remove fear and doubt at the same time as it removes the disease.”
How about you? Do you work to establish an attitude that fosters vibrancy and health that allows you to “Love the Life You Live,” even if it’s not what you had? Can you change the feelings of loss of control, isolation, and living detached from your previous life vision?
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