bedflowers.jpgYesterday I went to clinic. I’ve kept up my 100% compliance record. I was relieved to hear this because I’d made a mistake on the day the clocks went forward and taken my pills an hour and a half early. I’ve only got 4 weeks left to go now.

I’m busy at the moment with work. My energy runs out around mid-afternoon. I have to lie down and I can’t concentrate on much. I need more hours to get stuff done. I am noticing that during my periods of energy my thinking is much more lucid. I have more motivation. I’m not feeling the inertia I’ve lived with for so many years.

There is so much difference between this treatment and the last. On this treatment my face is a bit blotchy; on the last I had dry bleeding dry patches up my nose, in my ears and round my mouth. On this treatment I have a mouth ulcer, on the last I had a mouth so full of ulcers it was too painful to eat. On this treatment I’ve been regularly practicing yoga, on the last I had to give it up because it was too painful to cross my legs. My hair fell out last time, I had to go on super strength anti-depressants, I had problems sleeping and I had go back to bed after breakfast because breakfast had tired me out so much. The main symptom of this treatment is fatigue but after years of living with the virus it’s nothing I can’t cope with. I’ve had more headaches than usual but even they have subsided. I haven’t had one for a week.

The pic today is more of my father’s flowers from my parent’s bed to brighten up all this talk of treatment.

This entry was originally published April 10, 2013 on The Hepatitis C Trust. Reprinted with permission.