scaled_shushu_300x300.jpgNormally when I come back from Ibiza I have to rest for a week before I go back into the office. I rested all day Saturday but on Sunday I felt OK. I picked up my niece from her grandmother’s and we went to a toy shop to buy a medium size toy. We got a Playmobile princess with a unicorn, a peacock and swan. My niece told me the swan was called Swan Lake, because she likes lakes.

Today I met Sadie Frost for lunch to plan film funding and World Hepatitis Day. Sadie is hands-on at The Trust. Last year while we were at Parliament for an event an MP sidled up to her and asked her if she was the celeb we’d wheeled out for the day?

Sadie answered with a very long list of impressive work she’s done with us and told him that her father had died of hep C. He looked embarrassed.

I’m not as breathless as I was in Ibiza and I’m sleeping better. My nose and eyes feel dry. On my last treatment I used to stick vaseline up my nose. I’ve had headaches but not in the last 48 hours since I’ve been able to rest. If I get tired I’m recovering quicker. It’s exciting to get back from a busy, tiring trip and to be up and about within a day.

The pic is my niece’s shoes. She wore them with bright red tights.

This entry was originally published June 3, 2013 on The Hepatitis C Trust. Reprinted with permission.