grey_march_southbank.jpgIt’s been a mixed start to the week. Monday was tough. I had a hatchet headache all day long and stayed at home feeling dreadful. Tuesday I felt fine, went into work early, spent all day there and got lots done. Today I’m drained and exhausted.

I’ve made 2 mistakes. On Monday I turned my alarm off by mistake instead of putting it on snooze so I went back to sleep for half an hour missing my 7am drug call. Then today I didn’t hear my alarm at all because I’d turned the volume down on my phone to play Candy Crush Saga last night. I woke up naturally at 7:52. It’s so important to take your drugs at exactly the same time each day so I’m fed up with myself.

I had a lot to do today including going into my office, going to Dartmouth Films to get help with a budget and meeting my brother for lunch.

This is what I did - I got to the office at about 11am, drained of any energy. Sent an email to Dartmouth to say I wasn’t up to coming in. Left the office at 1pm. Bumped into a friend at London Bridge Station and screamed in her face because I was in a daze and thought she was a random accosting me.

I did meet my brother at Southbank on the way home though and he bought me a nice lunch which made me feel better. The pic is Southbank on a dreary March afternoon.

This entry was originally published March 20, 2013 on The Hepatitis C Trust. Reprinted with permission.