gemmas_blood.jpg I went to clinic today to do my 12 week blood tests which will determine if I’m cured. I was so nervous I wanted to puke. Kings College Hospital has been the scene of a lot bad news for me and Louie.

I believe that this treatment will work but I’m still a bag of nerves. I’ll find out on November 8 what the results are.

So I’m 12 weeks post treatment and I’ve been feeling amazing, although I have been catching every cough, cold and sore throat in London. I never knew you could get out of bed in the morning and not want to lie down again straight away. I thought everyone was more disciplined than me as they were able to work through the tiredness. Feeling OK when I wake up is a revelation.

Before I went to the hospital this morning I was transcribing film for my documentary. I came across some footage of me and Louie from February 2013. I’m posting it because I think it illustrates perfectly how my F*** You! attitude has got us through the last few years. I’d quite like to get down off the defensive now though.

I call this clip - I Agree With Everything She Says

This entry was originally published October 23, 2013 on The Hepatitis C Trust. Reprinted with permission.