gemma_shard.jpgThe good news is I’ve got a bit of a rash. Rashes are a characteristic symptom of protease inhibitors. Either I’m manifesting very convincing placebo effects or I must be on the right drugs. I was thinking that I looked a bit spotty until my son pointed out that it looked like I have a rash.
Although I’m pleased to have one I’d be happy if it wasn’t across my face. It’s on my forehead with raised bumps above my eyebrows like I’m going to sprout a Neanderthal type brow.

I had a lovely walk to work today. The sun and the spring flowers were out. The Hepatitis C Trust is right under The Shard. I love seeing it every day. It looked especially good in the sun today.

This entry was originally published March 5, 2013 on The Hepatitis C Trust. Reprinted with permission.