I definitely did have some tiredness going on yesterday. Perhaps some insomnia as well. I have awakened two nights in a row at 2:45 am. Luckily it’s the weekend so it hasn’t been too problematic. Later today I am going to adjust the dosing schedule to the evening around 8:00 pm which hopefully will help with the tiredness and waking up overnight. I feel normal in the morning which is a good sign.

The doctor has indicated that I will be on an 8 week treatment cycle rather than 12 weeks. According to the doctor, 8 weeks can be considered in treatment-naive patients without cirrhosis who have a baseline HCV RNA level less than 6 million IU/mL. Mine was 146,562 the last time it was measured. I will have updated test results later in the week from my baseline tests on October 31.

I have a genotype of 1a. My IL28 genotype test determined that I have a Homozygous T/T. Interpretation: This patient has 2 copies of the T allele in the IL28B gene. This genotype is associated with the poorest response rate to antiviral therapy with ribavarin in combination with either PEG-Interferon-alpha-2b or PEG-Interferon-alpha-2a. This caused my doctor to encourage me to delay treatment earlier this year when I was diagnosed in January until now when the new medicines were approved. I also had a very low HepaScore which indicated little to no probability of fibrosis. I also had an ultrasound procedure of my liver that indicated “the liver showed diffusely increased echogenicity, nonspecific but consistent with fatty infiltration.”