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Day 168, Final Day of Liver Treatment on Sovaldi & Ribavirin

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Hazel Christensen

Thank you for sharing not only your encouragement to complete the therapy(meds), but also to share your faith. Romans 5:3, thank you. I finished my treatment of 12 weeks, last week, still undetected for Chronic Hep C. After the meds, I felt first a burst of energy, now Im feeling the depression trying to return, as I am at stage 4 Chirrosis. Though I don't have a lot of those horrible signs at this time, I wait now for that??? Oh, Lord, thank you for this testimony from Joe. I think I needed it as I search the web, thank you, With Christ, I CAN DO ANYTHING.

August 12, 2014

Joe Burke

Jose, Thanks for the comment and questions. I had to be on 24 weeks because I have HIV as well, and I'm a genotype 3a. The required treatment for having both HIV and a Genotype 3 is 24 weeks, not 12. From my understanding, your wife will have Interferon included in her dose with Sovaldi, which leads me to think she's a genotype 1, am I correct? Please use my blog as a tool, and for more content, please visit my web site at Thanks and God Bless!

July 23, 2014

Jose Vazquez

Joe, I just want to thank you because you shared your story at this blog, congratulations to you and your wife in this final episode you got taking the last solvaldi pill. My wife is living quite smiliar things just like you, she´s fighting with the Hepatitis C since almost 5 years ago, taking pegainterferon+ribavirin during 46 weeks having no detectable lebels in blood of the virus but six months after this, the virus reactivate so here we are again, knowing of your case we felt glad to reed your doing it well in fact you have writen about using solvaldi plus ribavirin and interferon, let go straight to the point, we are living in Mexico city, waiting to the arrive of Sovaldi but those days seems so far away, we are trying to identify every step and detail people like you gave so we can figure it out how to set some goals for us and try to get the solvadli going to the USA but with firm steps. You wrote it toke you 168 días to finish with the last pill of sovaldi but I´ve had hear by Gilead labs that it only takes you 12 weeks of treatment, I´m confused now because it seems it takes you double time taking the treatment. Could you please explain to me how was the medical decition giving you doble dosis? thanks and congratulations again.

July 22, 2014


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