I’ve had a great week. I only had one day when I felt dreadful. The rest of the week I motored about (as much as you can in this heat) until around between 5-6 when I crash most days. And crash is the right word. I can be normal one minute and then literally slumped in exhaustion the next.

The difference between this treatment and any interferon based treatment is that if you lie down you recover. On interferon and for the last few years with the virus, if I got too tired it could take me days to recover. That’s why I am over-cautious. I’ve got a pathological fear of tiring myself out because of what the knock-on effect has meant. It’s going to take time to unravel that.

This what I’ve been doing this week. I’ve been working with the guys at Ibiza Rocks on a party we are going to put on at Pikes Hotel with Boy George in August. I met up with Anthony from Roche (as I’ve said before my favourite pharmaceutical company - I wish they were making PIs) to discuss MSM projects. Me and Raquel from the World Hepatitis Alliance met up with Kate Thompson from UN AIDS. And I edited together a short film of our first roadshow in Cardiff, which you can see below.

P.S. PIs are protease inhibitors - and I wish Roche were making them as we’d get to work with the guys there more then we do.

Hepatitis C Trust - Cambridge Roadshow from The Hepatitis C Trust on Vimeo.

This entry was originally published July 20, 2013 on The Hepatitis C Trust. Reprinted with permission.