bat on sea_300x300.jpgI’ve just come from my week 10 visit clinic. All my bloods are still looking good. On the whole I’m feeling better and better but I still have days when I crash. Yesterday was one of them. I got up in the morning with the intention of going into the office but didn’t make it passed the front door. I asked about that in clinic today. Ivana said that I could expect to have off days for a few months as my immune system will still be fighting to keep the virus at bay for a while yet. These off days are only two or three times a week now instead of everyday.

I feel I can start to make plans. I never used to plan much as I never used to know how I was going to be feeling. If I arranged to meet someone at the weekend I’d invariably cancel because I’d be too tired after a working week.

I’ve dropped out of any of my old social scenes because of this. No one expects me to turn up to things or keep arrangements. I haven’t cared because I never felt like doing anything anyway.

Shortly everything will change. Not only will I feel like seeing people and going out more but my son will leave home soon. It’s an exciting time and I feel lucky to be amongst the first wave of people able to benefit from these new drugs.

Also I lost 2 kilos since my last visit to clinic so the lard is coming off! The pic is the river in Battersea. It’s very pretty down there at the moment (if you look in the right direction).

This entry was originally published July 15, 2013 on The Hepatitis C Trust. Reprinted with permission.