pills_pears.jpgMy picture today is called Still life with Pills and it represents my first empty blister. I have another eleven to go.

I went to Kings today and incurred the wrath of my consultant by forgetting to bring all my pills in. I don’t read stuff. It was all written down for me.

My ribavirin has a mems cap that can tell exactly when I take my pills and if I’m being compliant. I was supposed to bring it in so that my nurse could download all this information and count my remaining pills to see that I’m taking the right amount. You are NOT cool! My consultant said. I felt quite stupid.

I’ve been a bit absent minded all together. I keep forgetting to swipe my Oyster so I end up paying £6 for a £1.50 journey.

This morning I topped up with £20 and forgot to actually transfer it onto my Oyster card so I had to go back and pay again.

So, my headache has been relentless but lots of water helps. Sleep has been hard because of the headache, but painkillers help. Other than that I’m a bit tired but fine and excited.

This entry was originally published on February 19, 2013 on The Hepatitis C Trust. Reprinted with permission.