13th July 2015
Well it’s about a month since the first folk I helped to get hold of generic sofosbuvir began their treatment. Some went to India and brought it home themselves and others got the Sof/Rib (sofosbuvir/ribavirin) treatment sent to them by courier. It is really exciting as I start hearing from people about their results. A lot of folks contacted me after a week or two of treatment to report how much better they were feeling. But the real test is in the blood. Below is an email I received today from one person with blood test results taken at week four of treatment with the generic Sof/Rib. The reason I am sharing this is so that you see that the results are fast and positive.
... my ALT reading went down from 160 to 21 and I’m  feeling really good about it.
One other patient has decided to import the drugs, my doctor tells me he is very sick.
Love reading your blog,you are probably the only person in the world to clearly articulate the situation from the perspective of a sick patient.
It makes me a little misty when I read these results because I understand what a relief, what a joy, it is when one hears them. You take the medication every day and you think “Am I feeling better or is that just wishful thinking?” So you wait for the blood tests and you hope there will be good news and when there is it is relief and joy at the same time. Of course I have never met any of these people, though we have written often, maybe spoken on the phone, yet I feel a strong bond with them for we have fought the same battle, made the same choices and we are winning!