Here is a little insight into my life. Every day, 7 days a week, I have breakfast and then switch on the computer. On average I get between 50 and 100 emails and messages each day from people wanting information about buying generic Hepatitis C medication or information that relates to treating Hepatitis C.

One of the re-occurring questions is about the price of generic Hepatitis C medicine. Some people are worried because my prices seem too cheap; I get comments like,“This seems too good to be true.”

On the other hand I get lots of people who are in despair because they can not afford even the $550 for 12 weeks treatment with Sofosbuvir + Daclatasvir.

So it appears that there is some confusion about what the “right” price for generic Hepatitis C medicine actually is. This confusion probably arises because some sellers sell generic Hep C medicine for quite high prices and some advertise ridiculously low prices. So in this post I will talk a little about the cost of generic Hepatitis C medication.

When the Price of Generic Hepatitis C Medicine is too High
Amongst the I get emails there are regularly ones like the one below where a doctor has imported the generic Hep C medication into their particular country and is selling it directly to the patient. This happens in most countries where there is no National Health Service and doctors can exploit their desperate patients by offering treatment at a price that is much lower than the price of brand Hepatitis C medicines like Harvoni or Epclusa but way above what would be a fair price of the licensed generic medication. Unfortunately I have heard of doctors in the USA importing generic Hep C medicines for about US$650 and selling them for prices ranging from US$3,000 to US$7,000. I have had similar reports of this from just about every country that does not have a national health service.

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