God made us into a 4 part being, emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Each area interacts with the other. Good health and balance in each area is important. If an area is out of balance it effects the other areas of our life. And most importantly is the center, our core, which is meant to hold Christ.

We were made with a God sized hole in us that only He can fill where we will be filled with His spirit. We can never be satisfied with anything else because anything else will not fit.

We all have areas in our lives that need work and improved balance. To get up close and personal for a moment, the area of physical fitness is something over the last several years has declined in my life. With work and juggling numerous responsibilities between city life and the ranch, there “seemed” to not have been enough hours in my day and therefore, fitness ranked at the bottom of my list. In reality there is the same number of hours in my day since time began. I succumbed to the tyranny of the urgent and crowded out the important in this area of my life. Extreme busyness crowded out doing what I needed to do in taking care of myself.

One thing generally leads to another and when I put fitness on the back burner, some of my healthy habits with eating soon unraveled. Before long the pounds began to pack, thus here I am working off the weight gain. I’m back to tracking with My Fitness Pal, intentionally taking breaks for fitness, and healthy eating, plus making time for the important in taking better care of myself.

Perhaps you can relate. Sometimes we tend to take care of family, business, and other things while neglecting taking care of ourselves. We get in a false mindset that we’ll have time later, or other things are more important, or we’re doing okay, etc…

For me after my long journey with Hepatitis C, three Hep C treatments and finally receiving the cure, it does not make sense for me to jeopardize my health and now healthy liver, especially when I can do something about it.

Setting new goals; working on Target Goals, making my quarterly Habit Tracker, using the Power of 15 Minutes, Setting Challenges, and each one of the tools we’ve been going over the past weeks have been instrumental in helping me make progress. I hope you’ve been able to take action steps toward your goal or project.

Do you have a special project or goal you are working on?

This entry was originally published on Life Beyond Hepatitis C, and is reprinted with permission.