There is something so glorious about throwing an empty box or bottle of completed Hep C meds in the trash. Each day, each week brings you closer to the finish line of Hep C treatment.   Excitement builds. You may be tired and weary but inside you may either feel like a rocket or crawling …

Excitement builds. You may be tired and weary but inside you may either feel like a rocket or crawling across the finish line. I was a weird mix of both as I finished my last Hep C treatment. You could say I was a turtle with a jet pack.

As I chunked the last empty box of pills, I could see the summit before me. It put wind in my sails. Can you relate? Sweet Relief was in sight. Thank God!

Here’s a snippet of my online Hep C treatment journal on day 155, week 23 of treatment. My treatment was for 24 weeks. I was 1 week to the finish line.

Would I do it over again? Yes! No amount of difficulty is measured against how precious life is. Were there times when I wanted to give up? Yes, honestly yes! But deep down I knew God controls how many days this treatment would take, not me. I knew I had to keep going even though I had no strength left to climb.

I had an emotional reaction yesterday as I thought about how far God has brought me on my 20 year journey.  God had given me the illustration this Hep C treatment would be like climbing the most important mountain of my life and how He would help me get to the summit.

Tears began to roll as I thought about the last 20 years, and how I contacted Hepatitis C, (see my story) and all the up and downs of Hep C treatment over the years including this one.

This one was my 3rd treatment and the hardest in many ways but it has been profoundly effective. This one brought me a Non-Detected status in the first 4 weeks of treatment and remained consistent throughout the entire treatment. The Hep C giant is finally dead. I could stand over him like David did Goliath.

God gives you what you need when you need it. But He has certainly poured more grace on me than I deserve. I am eternally grateful He has never let go and had a firm hold on me this whole journey.

I have enjoyed having a spurt of energy lately. When you don’t feel well, you appreciate every drop of energy that comes along. I don’t ever want to take that for granted.

Today is a grand day. I can see the summit in view and it’s the most beautiful site. Thank you God for another Mile Marker Victory this week and what’s ahead!

This entry was originally published on Life Beyond Hepatitis C, and is reprinted with permission.