Ran into my liver doctor recently at a liver fundraising event. We got to talking and he was saying how good I looked, healthy.

I proceeded to explain I started working out and attempting to lift weights to get my muscle built back up.

He stopped me right there.., and said you do know you have zero immune system right now correct? Said the rituxan (chemo) I took had killed off all my immune for about a year.

He was shocked I was out in public and working in public so often.
I said I’m taking faithful doses of vitamin c maybe that is helping??

He smiled and said “you’ve always been the one to push the box Kim.” Said I should be for sure good after a year come January. But until then if I was to get a fever to get antibiotics right away.

Just wished ALL my doctors would be like him. He always gave me the ins and outs about every aspect of my liver. For my doctor handling the chemo- please talk to me and warn me of these things..., this was kinda important. (Like critical important)

How can I now trust my new team to be on the outlook of my best liver health? There was no one better than DR.E. I made my entire team of doctors go through him first before any new med was prescribed - if he said it would be ok then I took it.

But I now see one of my team of doctors failed to mention NO IMMUNE and it has me very worried.