As of 2021, I am celebrating 9 years of being cured of hepatitis C and the beginning of Life Beyond Hepatitis There are still many who are diagnosed every month with hepatitis C and beginning their journey scared and in need of hope. That’s why we are here, to reach out with credible medical information, hope, and support.

Where are you in your journey with hepatitis C? Have you been recently diagnosed? Are you in treatment or recovery? We’re here for you.

The journey with hepatitis C is made up of several phases.

Phases of Hep C

What phase are you in? You may even be beyond phase 3 and continue to encourage others in their journey. Once you have lived with hepatitis C and chronic liver disease it changes your life in many ways. You develop a heart and understanding for others who are in the same boat.

In many ways, good comes out of a difficult experience. I hope you will see the good in your life and there is hope for life beyond hepatitis C. Celebrate the joys and blessings in your life because they are there in small and big ways. What are you thankful for?

Be proactive in healthy steps in taking care of yourself and your liver. Get tested, seek treatment, and get cured. And most of all, reach out and share the helping hand of hope and encouragement to others.

Do you have a question about hepatitis C treatment or recovery?

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This entry was originally published on Life Beyond Hepatitis C on April 14, 2021 and is reprinted with permission.