woman_celebrating.jpgI was in week 9 of my Hep C triple therapy when I realized instead of focusing on what I ’couldn’t do’ because of treatment side effects, I needed to focus on what I ’could do.’ The CAN DO’s became bigger than the Can’t Do’s.

I decided it was a huge waste of time and energy to mourn what was temporary in my life. Instead I intentionally celebrated all that I ’could do.’ Here is a small excerpt from my treatment journal.

"Today is day 67, week 9 of triple therapy for Hep C. Today is full of celebration. I am waving the victory flag this morning because I was able to walk down to the end of my block and back without pooping out. Yea!!! Each day that I have energy I am so thankful.

It has been my desire to get in some walking. A body in motion is active and promotes energy to the mind, body and spirit. Even though I am enjoying this spurt of energy today, it’s important not to overdue but to start out small and slowly build up. It’s those small 2 degree shifts that make a difference. Small changes when done consistently pay Big Dividends."

I discovered with Hep C treatment you really need to listen to your body. There are times when your body just needs to rest and days when you know you can push through with a little extra energy. When your ticket has been punched, you’ll know it. Energy fluctuates all throughout Hep C treatment and side effects can cycle. Some treatment side effects come to visit longer than others, but the key to remember, it’s temporary!

Focusing on something positive each day makes the difference in how your day goes no matter what your body is feeling. If you have small goals to focus on each day, you will be surprised how much this will help you. Focus on what you CAN do instead of what you CAN’T do.

Attitude goes along way. The old saying, “Can’t can’t do anything, but can do can,” is very true. I made an effort each day of treatment to make a list of my Can Do’s. The uplift it gave me was tremendous. I learned every ’CAN DO’ is important no matter how big or small it was. I could literally celebrate victories every day.

Think about it. Did you drink some pure water today? If you did, it’s on the CAN DO list. Were you able to walk to your mail box, or down to the end of the block? How about doing a load of laundry? Did you work today? How about listening to some uplifting music?

Here’s an example from my Hep C treatment CAN DO list.

Five CAN DO’s:
  • Drank pure water 7 times today.
  • Walked to the end of the block and back.
  • Worked on memorizing one scripture for the week.
  • Took B-12 sublingual tablet and Ester C (Vitamin C) 3 times today.
  • Visited with a friend on the phone.
This list is a start of a long list of CAN DO’s. Some days on treatment my biggest CAN DO was washing my hair, other days I was able to do more. Our CAN DO list can be full of different size victories each day but each one is important. Don’t take for granted or under estimate the simplest CAN DO. If you drew breath, it’s a CAN DO. Look at your CAN DO’s from a different perspective. Make a list and see the benefits of focusing on your CAN DO’s.

I’m shouting cheers and throwing confetti your way today! Remember, you will get through this! You CAN DO it!

What’s on your CAN DO list?

This entry was originally published on Life Beyond Hepatitis C January 15. It is reprinted with permission.