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The below is a cross post from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):

Dear Partners,

Why should you get tested for Hepatitis C?

As many of you are aware, on April 9th CDC released new recommendations for all adults, age 18 years and older, to get tested for hepatitis C. To support and help implement these recommendations, CDC updated the Know More Hepatitis campaign with new materials and resources designed to encourage all adults to get tested.

Know More Hepatitis is a national, theory-driven multi-media education campaign with the goal of increasing hepatitis C testing so those who are infected can get linked to life-saving care and curative treatments. Please join us in this effort by downloading and sharing the new Know More Hepatitis campaign resources.

  • Print and distribute campaign posters at health clinics, community centers, health fairs, or doctor’s offices. Share the posters with other partners and organizations via your websites, social media, newsletters and other communication mediums.
  • Share a fact sheet, which can be printed - PDF or shared online, that provides an overview of hepatitis C, including how it is spread, who should get tested, how it can be prevented, and more.
  • Utilize sample social media content and graphics to promote on your channels to share campaign messages and resources. Follow @cdchep on Twitter and use #KnowHepC to join the conversation and raise awareness about the importance of hepatitis C testing.
  • Use digital badges on your websites to encourage people to learn more about hepatitis C and visit the Know More Hepatitis campaign website.
  • Pitch live read radio scripts to local stations. Send media alerts to local TV, radio, cable or newspapers to publicize noteworthy events, such as testing and outreach events.
  • Include email signature badges at the bottom of your emails to continue to promote the campaign and the testing recommendation in your communications.
  • Share CDC’s provider resources with local medical organizations or primary care providers.
  • Sign up, and encourage others to sign up, for email updates from CDC’s Division of Viral Hepatitis to stay connected about new publications, materials, and significant events.

We know you all are facing a variety of challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. The efforts around COVID-19 are extremely important and we appreciate the dedication of everyone working on the response. Our work promoting hepatitis C testing will be ongoing and we look forward to working together over the next few years to help implement these new recommendations and get all adults tested. Please feel free to share information on the Know More Hepatitis campaign with colleagues, members, and partners. We hope these materials help in your efforts, and if you have any questions, please contact Amanda Carnes,

Education, Training and Communication

Team Division of Viral Hepatitis
National Center for HIV, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and Tuberculosis Prevention