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Awareness , no judging and solutions . We are one .

July 7, 2016 California

Tim Coyle

Hi Dan! I am very happy to follow your progress of recovery. As you know I am also one of the other members of the Genotype 3 group that is treatment experienced, ESLD, and liver transplant. Perhaps when the VA decides to treat me hopefully in August I will have a better experience. Sorry to hear that you didn't achieve SVR, but like you said it takes a while for the liver to become severely damaged again. I am currently at 6 years post tx and counting. I am grateful for each and every moment and experience I get to enjoy. Keep the faith and great writing my friend! Tim

July 8, 2015

Paul Short

In a word Dan ,"courageous. " Thank you for sharing! Your story could save a life.

July 8, 2015

Margaret Polino Nicholas

I too had no idea. Then when I researched it I knew this was serious! Treated with interferon/ribiviran, relapsed. Just finished Harvoni,waiting till my 3month check. Loved your blog😄

July 8, 2015

Thomas Anderson

Danny, every time I speak with you or read your words, I learn something new. Excellent post, very succinct timeline. I will be looking for the blog, glad you can share the way you do. Your strength and courage is inspiring.

July 8, 2015

Paul West

Nice post Dan. Thanks for being as open as you are and giving everyone a direct view of what it's like to go through the HepC experience from beginning to the future. Keep it up. Paul

July 8, 2015


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