Having late stage liver disease that was caused by hepatitis c has left my body with severe bouts of fatigue, weakness, fog, aches and pains.  I can go days upon days of feeling like I can not move.  The energy to get up from sitting down takes me several trys, often like rocking back and forth just to gain the momentum.  I know what living with this feels like on a daily basis however, these feelings of extreme fatigue and complete lifeless body like strength brought me to my doctor for a check up.

I knew from the way I was feeling that “something” more was going on within my body.  I know what it takes to battle hep c and the daily challenges it brings, however the extreme change really did scare me.

After a complete blood work up it was determined that I was very anemic and had low low potassium levels.  All of which was explained is very common with someone fighting liver damage.  Although I do everything I can to eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, I was in a state for which warranted change.

My body was screaming very loud for my attention.  And probably for weeks.  Now was the time to get moving on the right track again.  I was prescribed a iron pill to take daily to help my body regain strength from the anemia.  During this visit my doctor shared that in order for Iron to do its job correctly and change the levels back to normal it must be taken a minimum of 6 months before any major changes are seen.  I should however within several weeks start to see a energy level rise slightly. (please note I am not sharing to have you go out and take iron tablets, you must seek your medical professional before taking any such items)

I was given suggestions on types of foods that help aide in my current low potassium levels as well.  I remember growing up my mom always having bananas in the house.  She was also a person prone to low potassium and would eat bananas every chance she had.  My doctor said those are a good source of potassium but shared that potatoes were higher in potassium than bananas.  Potatoes help stregthen our muscles and control blood pressure not to mention a great source of iron for those of us fighting anemia.

After getting home I did some research on natural food resources to help me get back on tract again with feeling “my normal”  These were all fruits and veggies that I could add to my diet to increase my vitamin intake.  Upon doing so I learned some really cool facts about several fruits and veggies I want to pass along to you.

Did you know that bell peppers are a fruit?  Fruit is the part of the plant that developes from a seed and has seeds - squash, cucumbers, pumpkins are other examples

Bananas are berries? A true berry is a fruit that developes from a single flower and a single ovary. - grapes and kiwis other examples

Broccoli in the raw has cancer fighting compounds.  If steamed it helps lower cholesterol.

Avovados are seeds so is considered a fruit.  Has lots of fat but is the good kind that lowers cholesterol

Apples are cousins to Roses.  - Good in fiber and vitamin c.  Apples, pears, cherries and plums are from the same family tree as the rose.  If you cut open one the very fragarant smell it lets off. 

Kiwi’s beat oranges in the vitamin c category.  They have twice as much as an orange and is high in potassium.

GREEN veggies are the BEST for you.  This could be spinach, kale, collard greens etc.  They are the highest in fiber (clear brain fog), vitamins and minerals.  It was suggested that I eat as much Kale and Spinach as it carries a high source of potassium.  f  

To read more about my research go to WebMD.  Learn more fun facts on various sources of fruits and vegetables

In short I gain my healthy vitamins from eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  I have learned to find creative ways to cook and serve up these natural treats.  The more I can do this naturally to help my liver function and maintain regular vitamin intake the less stress my liver and body is under.

This summer try planting a garden and if you don’t have access to one, planter boxes make for good gardens for smaller places.  Get your vitamins planted and stocked without going to a pharmacy to do so.

Plant the Seed “Get TESTED, Get TREATED, Get CURED” 

"Not without a FIGHT! `HCV`(c)

Kimberly Morgan Bossley