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Lucinda K. Porter, RN

I highly recommend the Hep Forums ( for asking questions around living with and treating hepatitis C. You will find many folks willing to share their knowledge and experience. Also, if you need help, you can call Help4Hep and ask them for assistance: 877 Help 4 Hep (877 435 7443). Peace and Health, Lucinda

June 27, 2015


Dear friend, Please give me any info I can use to try to get funding for Harvoni. I was diagnosed with HCV in 1997 & chirosis in sept 2012 about 18 months later I developed symptoms of liver failure & I'm stage 4 (decomposit they said but still functioning way above needing a transplant for now anyway) I have an Allstar,baseball loving son who needs his mommy to get better & not hurt so much all the time & he's just 6yrs old i HAVE TO be there for him as long as possible) my husband had a heart attack & had 6 bypasses done to his heart, March 30th so we don't have money. I get a disability check & my husband makes no money now, we have maxed out unemployment on him . Our income last year was $120k so if they go by taxes I don't think they'll help me with funding. Do I have any options? I have medicare! Will medicare pay? Can I still be cured with my liver this bad? Will the chirosis symptoms stop or get less painful & horrible if I'm able to be cured? Could it reverse the chirosis enough so I can get off all these other meds? I have a million questions so I pray someone out there has a little time & alot of experience/knowledge & a kind heart who could help me figure out all this?! I'm so lost any info would be greatly appreciated!!! Sincerely, Shanon77 loving mother & wife (I'm in pain constantly on my rt side, will that non stop ache go away if I'm cured? Or will my liver (stage 4 decomposit) just stay the same with the same symptoms but not get any better or anyworse? Do u think I might get to see my little almost 7yr old baby graduate? (he'll be my little baby boy even when he is old lol) (I pray I get to meet his children & teach my son about life & being a good man! Thanks in advance for reading thisvGv

June 27, 2015


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