An interview with Bill Remak, a scientist and patient advocate graduated from San Francisco State class of 1987 and UCSF 1989, Bill is the chairman of the California Hepatitis C Task Force and the driving force behind the founding the National Association of Hepatitis Task Forces. He is one of the founding members of the California Chronic Care Coalition under the leadership of Elizabeth Helms and this has expanded his advocacy for public policy that ensures all people with chronic conditions have access to quality and affordable care. While also a research advocate for parity in federal funding for chronic disease research, he also has been engaged for nearly a decade in advancing support for regenerative medicine and stem cell research. He recently after some years of active participation, assumed the leadership of the National Working Group on Evidence Based Healthcare. Bill helps sustain the effort to ensure healthcare undergoes it’s transformation under the Affordable Health Care Act, that the patient centered engagement and empowerment is established in value based models of delivery.