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Bigger Than Hep C

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Nancy Smith

I have been waiting for 36 years for this new treatment. Started taking Harvoni 2/4 and blood test at 2 weeks. NO SIGN OF THE HEP C VIRUS!!!! It works!!!So grateful!!!!

February 28, 2015

Steven Umbria

The drug called Harvoni is now available in the U.S. I am in my 4th week of a 26 week treatment. Depending upon the severity, treatment plans vary in length from I believe 6 weeks to 24. I took my 4 week blood test yesterday and will have results next Wed. 2/18. The doctor says cure rate is in the 98% range and that most people are cleared within the 1st 2-4 weeks. I'll let you know how it's going if you'd like..

February 12, 2015

Connie M. Welch

Hi Monique, Thank you for asking. This is a great question. Yes, there are clinical trials. Here is some information from Hep Mag, with a link to If you have further questions, feel free to let us know. Keep us posted on how your're doing. We're here for you. Blessings to you, Connie

February 9, 2015

Monique armand

Are there any clinical trials I can participate in? Anxious.

February 6, 2015


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