Hepatitis A and C have been dominating the news, and hepatitis B and D are too easy to ignore. However, both deserve more attention, so I am going to make brief comments about both.

First, there is a new vaccine for hepatitis B; the first in 25 years. Also, this is the first and only two-dose vaccine in the United States for prevention of hep B in adults. It’s called HEPLISAV-B and it is manufactured by Dynavax. The FDA approved it in November 2017.

In more hep B news, the CDC released new guidelines.

As for hepatitis D, or what we call hepatitis delta (which does not sound like a good place to visit), we are starting to see more in the news about it. The best place to get information about hepatitis delta is Hepatitis Delta Connect. In case you didn’t know, the only people who are at risk for hepatitis delta are people who have hepatitis B. Sadly, it is no small risk. Between 15 and 20 million people in the world are infected with hepatitis delta. It is a very serious form of hepatitis.

There is always something, isn’t there? Stay safe, stay healthy.