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Best Friend Guide to Hepatitis C

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Karen Hoyt

Annette, We're in the same boat! It sounds like you are paddling hard and fast just like me. Are you taking a beta blocker? One of the ways we can slow down new varices from forming is by asking our doctor about dosage. Sometimes it needs tweaking. I was also told that cardio, such as walking, running, or cycling are not so bad when the varices are under control with meds. We DO have to watch any lifting. For example, I was determined to move some furniture and think I was careful. But, I have been having trouble swallowing ever since. I am having an EGD in a few weeks and we'll see if I did any damage. We have got to stay postive, don't we? One little cloud of fear can make our whole minds feel dark. Let's stick together in this. We can do it! Thanks for the chat. I appreciate it! xo Karen:)

August 13, 2014


Hi Karen Really appreciate your writings am learning a lot, have cirrohiss, portal hypertension, enlarged liver and spleen lost 5 pts blood through mouth due to varices, had banding, APC treatment, varices are back in esophagus, and large prominent ones in fund us which I am petrified off Not seeing gastroenterolgist until June, have grade1 and 2 in esophagus which were not banded, scared to move sometimes, and as I live alone husband died in august this year petrified of another bleed no one around this time, trying so hard to be strong and positive, you going through this has given me lots of hope thank you still don't know what stage I'm at must ask thanks once again Annette

April 26, 2014


Hi Karen I agree with everything you have said so far, I have cirrohiss and I to am struggling with what it has thrown at me so far, had first endoscopy Jan 2013 threw up 5 pints blood Feb 2013 was diagnosed a few months before that, so gone from healthy to portal hypertension very enlarged liver, spleen low platelets, APC treatment for varices may 2013 husband died August 2013, varices back Jan 2014 very prominent in fund us, am under heptologist going to ask what stage I am have no idea at all need to know what can be done for varices in fund us area as am petrified, also gastroenterolgist did not band my 1 and 2 grade varices in oesophagus, won't be seeing him until June this year, sorry for going on only wanted to say your advice is so informative and I am learning a lot thank you Annette

April 26, 2014

Lana A

Hello Karen. I'm so relieved to have found your blog. I have had the HepC virus for about 45 yrs. Diagnosed about 10 yrs ago, but was told I just had the antibody. I went another couple of years before being diagnosed with genotype 1a. I held off on tx for as long as I could, hoping the one without Interferon or Ribavarin would be approved and released for use. I didn't think that would happen until 2015, and wasn't sure I'd make it until then. I was diagnosed with 4th to end stage liver failure, have been treated for esophageal varacies since 2009, have an enlarged spleen, and other health issues having to do with my liver. I had grown disenchanted with my digestive specialist, so asked some friends who work at our local hospital who was the best, and who they would go to. I got a referral, made an appointment, he referred me to a liver specialist, I saw him once, and looked at all of the recent tests and doctor's notes. I brought with me. He said the drugs I had waited for had been released, he put me on a program, got the two meds, Sofosbuvir and Simeprevir (aka: Olysio and Sovaldi) approved through my Medicare D provider, and I began the tx 4/13/14. I'm astounded at how quickly everything moved as soon as I followed my own inner guidance that I had to change doctors. The side effects, so far, are hardly noticeable, maybe a bit more fatigue, and that foggy brain thing. No nausea, & so far, no hair loss, but it's not one of the side effects. I have crawled the web late at night for some time, and haven't been able to find anyone with such similar symptoms as those I have, as far as the progression of the illness. Knowing there are others out there who are willing and able to help, feels like someone just threw me a life preserver in a storm. Sigh..... Over the past 8 yrs., I have kept myself going with supplements, vitamins, minerals, eating healthier, not dying my hair, and trying to limit putting nail polish on, and many other things. I haven't had a drink, cigarette, or anything else for 32 years, so that was also a good decision. No caffeine, I use green jasmine tea, and all of my water is filtered at a really good water store. Organic food, easy on the beef and then only organic grass fed up until slaughter. Mostly fish from areas of the ocean that haven't been horribly polluted, and organic chicken. Anyway, that's how I've done it. By the way, my hair has turned a beautiful silver/white and brown with two great silver streaks that frame my face. You never know what will surface after you don't dye your hair. Can't tell you how many compliments I get on it, even though it has thinned over the years. Thanks for being there. Lana

April 19, 2014


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