Did you know we can neurologically train a road map into our brain to behave a certain way? We create physical changes in our bodies according to what we dwell on.  As he thinks within himself, so he is. I don’t give too much credence to pop psychology since it is based on selfishness, and navel gazing promotes hopelessness but its true that we are what we think.

That being said, I think a lot of Hep-C Survivors can relate to the dilemma of not being physically sick but needing the body to catch up and actually believe that. James and family absolutely spoiled me rotten during my sickness. James just about insisted I nap every afternoon because he is kind, but also because I could barely function because of Hep-C related brain fog and fatigue. We would plan one *goal* for outings because I could rarely do 2 things in a day.  

I’m cured now, but it took a while for me to get out of the habit of giving up that afternoon nap. It was gradual. I progressively felt better and better. I mean I was cured. No more virus in my body and yet I had worn a groove into my head that was programmed towards sickness. Being honest here...I had also grown accustomed to being spoiled by my sweet husband too.

Sometimes it takes an intentional effort to get out of the rut of sickness. I see it a lot in the Hep-C Community. People who have had this disease for so many years they don’t know how to behave healthy. Their minds are programmed to default towards feeling poorly. After 25 years of carrying a virus its hard to convince the mind body and mouth that we are virus-free.

We should practice a very uncompromising rule over the part of our lives that dictates our behavior. The mind. We will never be cured until we start believing, speaking and behaving like we are indeed cured. Our body listens to our mouths and thoughts and acts accordingly.

Of course I understand we cant think away a deadly virus or cover real pain with healing thoughts, but we CAN discipline ourselves to behave in a way that forces the body to follow. Try it. Start with the mouth. Refuse to SAY you are horribly sick, rather start SAYING you are progressively feeling better. It works.

When someone asks “How are you?” say “Very good”. Bonus points for smiling with conviction, and Grand Slam for forgetting about yourself and asking how the other person is doing.