I’ve been dealing with complications from Hepatitis C for almost 10 years, which has brought me struggles and, surprisingly, a host of positive changes. Holistic and spiritual practices have improved my inner peace, self-awareness, as well as improved liver health. Diving into this natural, inner work has made me more reflective and whole, more peaceful and able to build better relationships and forgive those who have treated my family or me badly.

But, through all of this liver and personal healing, the looming effects of active hepatitis continues to march forward, slowly increasing the cirrhosis that makes for a less functional liver. However, I have a good chance (90%) of wiping out the Hepatitis C virus in my body that has caused me all this trouble for all of these years. Hope pulsates through me. If successful, then I can focus on liver health and continuing my holistic and spiritual journey to increase my strength and vitality. We will see.

Many of you have hepatitis, or other serious illness, or have experienced life issues that have affected your physical or emotional health. Many of these different setbacks can be improved by practicing forgiveness and appreciation for what you have, rather than depression over what you have lost.

Regardless of the status of ones physical or emotional health, the opportunity to become more peaceful, well and whole through the practice of active appreciation exists.

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