OK, I’ve had enough of stressing myself out worrying about the day I’m going to start my treatments.
A big snowstorm hit our area yesterday and driving was treacherous. The drive to the hospital where my first injection lesson is approximately 40 miles one way so, there was no way I was driving in those conditions, get my injection, and drive 40 miles home.  
My decision was, “I don’t want to die today”. 
I live in a small town outside the city where most people are safe drivers. In this day and age, everyone is in a hurry even when there are conditions which should cause everyone to slow down. There were over 50 accidents in the rush hour this morning.
I took my two pills yesterday morning (ribavirin) and was waiting for my appointment yesterday afternoon for the first injection. 
Next Friday morning, for sure, weather or not...THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN.
No more stressing out, no point.
No more worrying, no point.
My son and I have a new motto  “KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE”